When Recovery Isn’t Fun…

This post was inspired by this blog post by Jennifer Rollin MSW, LCSW-C.

When recovery isn’t instagram worthy smoothies or eating pints of ice cream…it’s work.

It’s work that sometimes feels really,well, terrible. You feel anxious and scared and depressed. Up is down and left is right.

Rightfully so.

Eating disorder recovery takes everything you’ve told yourself and spins it and twists it into something completely new.

And making something new, is hard work.

It’s trial and error.

It’s cuts and bruises.

It’s creating a new you. A new life. A new perspective.

Sometimes that looks like tears. Sometimes that looks like shaking. Sometimes it looks like eating foods that aren’t “trendy”.

I’m not going to lie to you. Parts of recovery, don’t feel good. But getting through those parts and looking back at them, feels amazing.

It feels like you can conquer anything.

Just keep going. We’re waiting for you here.

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