We’ve all been there.

We reach a goal. We fall down a little bit. We get halfway back up. And all of the sudden, the top that we had once been at, seems impossibly far away.

The rollercoaster of stagnation.

The ups and downs that keep us trapped and moving at the same time.

So, what do we do?

Do we choose to ignore the strength and victory that comes from going up? Do we focus on how we could have possibly fallen down again? Or do we see the peaks and valleys for what they are? Just a message that we can, in fact, reach the top and that at some point they may become the bottom?

We don’t have to remain trapped in stagnation. We can set our sights on building our rollercoaster one foot higher.

Willing ourselves to move one step farther away from comfort.

For me, that step is eating cereal with milk for breakfast.

It’s giving one more detail to a story that I typically keep to myself.

It’s spending one less minute in front of the mirror.

Maybe, I’ll go back down. In fact, I most likely will. But the fall will different. And that is how growth happens.

Eating Disorder Recovery. Adventure Seeker. Live Well, Travel Often.

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