To The Therapist With Boundary Issues

Dear Therapist,

I don’t exactly know how to start this letter because, well, you are the one who is supposed to show me how to set appropriate boundaries. So, I can’t say that I was prepared to have to set them with you.

It started out innocently enough and I was happy to help you. Whether it was editing your blogs or your website.

But then it got a little weird, asking me whether or not I thought you should hire someone based on their online presence.

And sending me a screenshot of an email you received where someone said some not so nice things about you.

I probably could have pretended that this was also fine and normal behavior. Except now I feel like I know more about your past than I do about my own. And like I put more care into the e-mails I respond to you with than you do to mine.

The problem with all of this is that I really like working with you. I’ve made progress working with you. I want to continue working with you.

But as my therapist, not my friend.

I see you. I hear you. I can’t be there for you.


Your Client

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