In Recovery and Selling Weight Loss

My name is Barbara and I am in recovery from an eating disorder. And I work for a weight loss company.

I am the friend who tells you about how losing weight will not make you happy. Who constantly reminds herself of how miserable she was at a lower weight. The one who wants to scream from the rooftops about how you deserve compassion and respect regardless of your body size.

I am also the person posting memes about how great it is to hear that you look smaller. Who answers e-mails about how best to use our product for maximum results. The one who pins photos of #fitspo and #detoxtea because weight loss sells.

This is my paradox.

This is me learning how to separate myself from my work.

This is me realizing that I am now the one doing the harming. Rather than being the one who is harmed.

Can you be in eating disorder recovery and sell weight loss?

Not with a clear conscience.

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