My name is Barbara. And for 6 months, I was the brand and e-commerce manager for a weight-loss detox tea company.

That’s right. For 6 months, I sent out emails and social media posts to constantly remind you that you weren’t good enough. And that our tea could help you be the person (read: thin person) that you deserved to be.

And then, I got internet hate. And I heard from individuals who felt betrayed. And I started learning more about what my job was doing to people.

I started learning about how I was contributing to a major societal problem.

Eventually, I quit the job. I had listened. I had talked about it. I had sat through the pain I had caused. And I quit. While backpacking Europe. From the money I earned off of others’ insecurity.

And I stopped mentioning the job entirely. It isn’t on my resume. My (new) therapist didn’t know about it. Most friends had no idea.

It wasn’t until detox teas came under fire this past week that it really came up again. Because this time, it wasn’t the tea or the corporations that people were mad at. It was the people sending the emails and posting on social media. The people doing the most, direct, damage.

And, well, that was me. And I’m incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to learn from those mistakes. (The internet hate was terrible though.)

Now, it’s my turn to expose the diet tea industry. Let all of you know just what happens when your business is based on people feeling like failures. And what it’s like to realize that diet culture and fatphobia are very real and that you are a player in it.

Check back tomorrow for part 2. AKA: How We Decided What Insecurities To Target

Eating Disorder Recovery. Adventure Seeker. Live Well, Travel Often.

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